Luzid Chaos is a band formed in Spring 2014.


Anna Anderluh – Vocals

Alexander Kranabetter – Trumpet

Simon Raab – Piano/Synthesizer

Hubert Bründlmayer – Drums

Philipp Kienberger – Electric/Double-Bass / Composition.


Based in Vienna we try to find the way out trough the chaotic lines of the hypothalamus, reaching for understanding, keep on running.

acoustic, balladic, drone, trash, punk, noise jazz waiting for the End of the Contemporary, dreaming till the day we all will call it Hippie-Jazz. it’s about texture, it’s about creating! it’s like religion with devil and god, with good and bad and with a lot of unnecesary words but with a few very good ones! and of course: hopefully: love! silence!


Debut-Double-Album Philipp Kienbergers Luzid Chaos Out Now! Get it!


a few impressions:

all compositions by Philipp Kienberger

released in april 2015 on FREIFELD TONTRAEGER

Album Review MICA

Review von Curt Cuisine im SKUG

also check out our new video to the titletrack:

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